How to use less energy this winter and save money.

Easy home energy saving tips.

Below are some of our best tips for saving your plunder and running your home efficiently! Read on to find out how to use less energy this winter.

  1. Bleed your radiators. You can save your pieces of eight for exciting adventures if your radiators are bled of air. Bleeding your radiators allows them to perform optimally and cost less to heat – you can’t use a cutlass for this one! Ask your local plumbers mercharnt to perform this task if you’re a landlubber.
  2. Lessen your humidity. Arghh, this isn’t the tropics! Heating your home is easier in a dry environment, this will allow you to use less energy to heat your home and reduce your bills!
  3. Turn lights off. Turning lights off when not in use is a great way of saving energy, as if a room is unoccupied it shouldn’t need lighting. However don’t turn any lighthouses off as the ocean is a dangerous place!
  4. Alternative energy sources. Going solar is now achievable at the residential level, albeit at a huge upfront cost. But it pays its weight in gold! Not much shade at sea!
  5. Energy efficient equipment. Replacement of existing lighting fixtures (no candles), HVAC components, or other major appliances that still use old technology. You’ve got to replace a few appliances to make an omelette.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips serve you well on your quest for gold and to use less energy this winter.

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